Step one: Don’t.

People who are saying they’re going to boycott Agent Carter because of the prevalence of white dudes in casting need to sit down and really think about what the fuck that will accomplish.

Mainly, getting a female-lead show canned.

How about instead of that you get in touch with Marvel through any and all available media outlets and express your interest (politely) in seeing more diversity in the cast?

Or you know, you could boycott any of the half-dozen white-male-lead films coming out and make sure you express that it’s because of the lack of diversity there. 

Being frustrated is fine, understandable, and can be important - so long as that frustration is channeled in a productive way. You can support this show while making your voice and preferences heard. It’s closer to a step in the right direction than Ant-Man or Iron Man 934234 or Captain America: The Ladies Don’t Speak To Each Other (also they’re all white) or Thor: The Female Plot Device.

Be realistic, be active, and be supportive. Show Marvel what you love.

Thor: The Female Plot Device.




And UGH Ant-Man where JANET VAN DYNE ISN’T EVEN GOING TO BE INCLUDED even though she FOUNDED The Avengers and is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more important than Ant-Man.

I’m gonna stop now.



Just your daily reminders:

  • Racists are a problem
  • White people are not
  • Homophobes are a problem
  • Straight people are not
  • Transphobes are a problem
  • Cis people are not
  • Sexists are a problem
  • Men are not

And most importantly,

  • Hating an innocent person solely because of their race, sexuality, or gender makes you a fucking asshole

Just some actual daily reminders:

  • All white people do racist things without being aware they are
  • All straight people do homophobic things without being aware that they are.
  • All Cis people do transphobic things without being aware that they are.
  • All men do sexist things without being aware that they are.
  • Saying things like ‘some men’, ‘some cis people’ absolves the blame of individuals and only seeks to comfort those with privilege and power.
  • When a post says ‘some X’, the X will always assume that they are not because THEY ARE NOT AWARE.

And most importantly,

  • It’s called metonymy, when anyone who is oppressed makes an exasperated statement like ‘i hate straight people’, they are substituting straight people for the concept of a system and a culture that teaches, incentives, and legitimizes homophobic acts and normalizes homophobic acts so that straight people constantly do honophobic things without realizing it and that’s really fucking annoying.

And just as important,

  • The concept of sjws dehumanizes marginalized people and categorizes them as an ‘angry and emotional’ stereotype and only adds to the oppression of marginalized people under the guise of being ‘fair’, while the only thing you are doing is cushioning privileged people from their own ignorance and privilege.