I need to know of zine distro companies outside of the US, mainly in Australia/the UK or any other English Speaking distro companies out there.  I’m set for US/Canada, but I need some for outside N. America.


Know of some? Shoot me an email: dontdismyability AT riseup DOT net or leave me a comment or ask or message here. Obligatory question mark?

  1. portlandbuttonworks answered: Have you checked out Alex Wrekk’s list on Stolen Sharie Revolution? stolensharpierevolution…
  2. ickitystickity answered: There’s vampire sushi and marching stars, they’re both UK based. x
  3. deathinthesuburbs answered: hey! saw this on the zine tag. the two i use in australia are there’s Sticky zine shop in Melbourne and Take Care zine distro in sydney . x
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