Just any FYI: Accepting submissions on an ongoing basis for Don’t DIS My Ability #2

I am putting together a print-zine about living with disabilities.  It is called Don’t DIS My Ability and will be the second issue.  The only requirement is that the author/artist have a disability.  The publication date has not been set yet as Issue #1 has just been published, though I will let all submitters know when I plan to publish it (target date in appx 6-8 months which puts us around January - March 2013).

All people who get published will get a copy free! Send me your pictures, poems, essays, 1st hand accounts, critical analyses, etc.

email: dont dis my ability AT riseup DOT net

**EDIT:** I will be using the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License, which means they have to attribute you, can’t use it for commercial endeavours, and have to use it as is (no derivations). If you want a different copyright let me know.

I do not plan to make any money. I hope to recoup printing costs, but it will be for sale at info shops for as cheap as possible (I am going to be shipping it all over the US, England, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada too).


Thank you very much for sending us a sample copy of your zine. We heartily accept your zine to stock in our distro.
Please send us 9 copies of your zine at your convenience.
We look forward to receiving them!
Aunty Mabel and the Perth Zine Collective

If you’ve read it and have something to add PLEASE EDIT IT.

Reminder: It is STILL FOR SALE at dontdismyability AT riseup DOT net. $4USD in US/$6USD in Canada/$8USD everywhere else. (to cover shipping and printing). $3 for PDF copy.

I will use the funds to make copies and distribute the zine far and wide.  I want to put it in every info shop (activist bookstore) and zine library around North America and possibly every English speaking country around the world because many JUST. DON’T. CARRY. zines on disabilities.  This zine includes:

44 pages of awesome (plus cover)

Images by basiL, billie rain, J.C. Garske, Leslie Balch & Sasha Smithy, Jessie, Burrow, & Sadie Sicko


Helium by Kristin Allen-Zito

Art Viewing by J.C. Garske

Untitled by Trouble


Handicap Nazi by Christy Leigh Stewart

Applying for Disability by Trouble

No pause, no break, no end by Meeresbande

Disability in the Movement: Including the Invisible by Comrade Canary

Acquiring a Service Dog in the USA by Morgan atunheardofsongs.tumblr.com

It’s Not You, It’s Them by Michele Kaplan

A Dog with PTSD saves an owner with PTSD by Burrow

Accessible Design by Paula Bergman 

Making Spaces Accessible to People with Invisible Disabilities collected and edited by Burrow


PDF files available.

Still accepting submissions from the disabled for the next zine! Message me for details!



Whenever people feel the need to make snarky remarks like, “Get off the computer and go make some ACTUAL change!” I want to smack them with a ton of ways in how their entire statement is wrong wrong wrong.

Some of us have health issues,…

Though I sometimes can do in person activism, and I love it so much more than many things in this world, my disabilities limit me.  I did just make a zine, which is really a physical copy of a group blog if you look at it from a certain angle.  Yes that took me a long time, mostly in my house, but with submissions culled from the internerds, and the word spread through those wires all across the world.  And now I’m doing great raising funds to send it out through Kickstarter. This is the most activism I’ve done in the past 2-ish years (I did go and sleep in the Madison State Capitol Building during the Scott Walker Protests).

But the very drawn out point is - I am active every day here.  My voice is one of the many that are saying WE ARE HERE.  WE WILL NOT BE ERASED. And for the disabled, that’s a huge thing.  The more voices, whether IRL or online, it doesn’t matter, the more likely our messages will be heard.

We are singing a glorious song. Will you choose to listen?

YES! Kickstarter funding off to an awesome start

Only 3 hours after I went live we (and it truly was a group effort with 18+ contributors) raised $80USD.  Since I only set the bar at $50, never believing in my wildest dreams that I’d meet it, this means that I have publishing money. But not really enough to achieve my dream of putting it in every zine library (I mean FFS they have more zines on GARDENING then on disabilities) in N. America and for sale in every infoshop (because they rarely, if ever, carry zines on disabilities).  

Your reward for pledging a certain amount? Your very own zine.

The reason for higher prices? Well $3 to the US was putting me at a loss for printing costs, I mean it cost me $2 to ship it in the US and it costs way more the $1 to print that sucker. But the extra $2 goes to shipping it to the zine libraries and infoshops.

The kickstarter is here. Please consider spending the excess, but if you can’t zines are still available for $4 US, $6 Canada, and $8 International (possible discounts on multiple copies once I figure out shipping fees - you’ll just pay $2 zine + shipping if it’s cheaper) by emailing me at dontdismyability AT riseup DOT net

Buy your own copy of the zine through here.  Yes the prices are higher, but you’re also covering costs of printing and shipping to info shops and zine libraries. (Also only $2 of the fee is going towards excess printing - it’s not like it’s a whole lot, but it adds up)