I will use the funds to make copies and distribute the zine far and wide.  I want to put it in every info shop (activist bookstore) and zine library around North America and possibly every English speaking country around the world because many JUST. DON’T. CARRY. zines on disabilities.  This zine includes:

44 pages of awesome (plus cover)

Images by basiL, billie rain, J.C. Garske, Leslie Balch & Sasha Smithy, Jessie, Burrow, & Sadie Sicko


Helium by Kristin Allen-Zito

Art Viewing by J.C. Garske

Untitled by Trouble


Handicap Nazi by Christy Leigh Stewart

Applying for Disability by Trouble

No pause, no break, no end by Meeresbande

Disability in the Movement: Including the Invisible by Comrade Canary

Acquiring a Service Dog in the USA by Morgan atunheardofsongs.tumblr.com

It’s Not You, It’s Them by Michele Kaplan

A Dog with PTSD saves an owner with PTSD by Burrow

Accessible Design by Paula Bergman 

Making Spaces Accessible to People with Invisible Disabilities collected and edited by Burrow


PDF files available.

Still accepting submissions from the disabled for the next zine! Message me for details!


Jason Mowry.

This Strange Instrument. Ink and photoshop, 16 x 20”.

Two Autumns Spent With Rabbits. Pen, ink and photoshop, 15,5 x 22”.

PDF copies of Don’t Dis My Ability NOW AVAILABLE!

In living colour too!  Buy them for $3 by emailing dontdismyability AT riseup DOT net, or buy physical copies (B&W) for $4US, $6CA, or $8INTL (Large Print or zine format).

You can also contribute more via my Kickstarter, but the money will take awhile to process and you won’t get your zine right away, so I suggest if you want to donate just tag a few dollars more onto your purchase - the proceeds go towards distro costs to zine libraries and infoshops across N. America and trying to get it picked up by a publishing company (whose names are actually lies they don’t publish zines they just distro them).