Wheelchair fund update!

So I raised a grand


and then gofundme shut me down


but then i sent them a stern email

and it’s back!

So I thought I’d make a fresh post about it to put out there on the internet. Here’s what’s going to happen with the money I get donated

  • i will wrangle it from paypal somehow
  • it will be spent on a good quality, good model electric wheelchair that suits my needs somewhere in the next few months (as i do not live somewhere accessible, I may put off buying it until I’ve moved)
  • funds left over from the wheelchair purchase, if any, will go towards:
    -Music Therapy - I did music therapy for years (piano, voice) and it helped my anxiety and mood/cognition problems. After not doing it for a few years, I’ve noticed a lot of backsliding. I will be getting an entry level cello (around $800) and putting some money away for lessons. I likely won’t buy anything outright, but will save a few hundred to put towards this.
    -Art therapy - this will go one of two ways, depending. Either it will go to my learning photography, or towards a graphics tablet. Art therapy has been my go-to since childhood, and now I’m cut off from it, my stress levels are extreme and there are many emotions I don’t know how to express
  • And the rest will go to charities, such Guide Dogs Australia. Charities will be rigorously assessed for their ethics and background to make sure money isn’t going where people who are assholes will get it. The majority of money I don’t need immediately will be donated to people in need and the charities that help them.

I DO NOT want to keep anything for myself if it can do good elsewhere -whether it be to charities, people in need or other personal crowdfunding for other trans* and disabled people.

If you could please signal boost this, since it’s added info and whatnot, that would be great.

And if you know any deserving causes or organisations, please don’t hesitate to message me here or (if it’s urgent or you have a question) on my roleplay blog. If you message me off anon, it will be kept private. when I have what I need, I will do my best to share what I’ve been given.



Awesome Disabled Characters In Movies/TV?


Hey everyone! I’m doing a roundup for of cool disable characters in movies/TV shows and I wanted to pick your brains for some suggestions. I just want to make sure that we’re being as representative as possible for different bodies/marginalized folks on the site, so any and all help would be rad <3

Thanks in advance!

because it didn’t give me enough room and i had more ideas:

  • JOEY FROM THE WEST WING. OMFG I LOVE HER. She totally owns everything she does and the West Wing staff loves her, though when she first arrives she basically has to tell Josh who’s boss (her). She’s deaf (played by Marlee Matlin) and she’s a pollster and very trusted by them - even included in their secret inner circle at one point (no spoilers sweetie). Pres. Bartlet even tells her that their not going to help her with a campaign unless she runs someone good in it and when she gets flustered about it he tells her that he means her. That’s how much she means to them. 
  • Also from the West Wing they do a great job of portraying Josh Lyman’s struggle with PTSD. (He’s also my favourite WW character of all time)
  • Tony Stark in Iron Man 3. (Which I know got a lot of flack from Marvel movie fans, but whatever - after what he went through how do you expect him to react?)
  • Navea (Sp?) in SPartacus has SEVERE PTSD (though it can be VERY triggering for some to watch) and though she never gets a chance to fully heal - she just kind of funnels that internal pain into a singleminded goal of revenge against the people (Romans) who made her a slave and put her through the traumatic experiences in the first place. (She pretty much becomes a kick ass warrior though. I love her.)

Awesome Disabled Characters In Movies/TV?



Hey everyone! I’m doing a roundup for of cool disable characters in movies/TV shows and I wanted to pick your brains for some suggestions. I just want to make sure that we’re being as representative as possible for different bodies/marginalized folks on the site, so any and all help would be rad <3

Thanks in advance!

Reblogging for the late afternoon crowd!


I’m rewatching Covert Affairs and have a slight crush on Auggie who is the oh so charming tech genius/ex-field agent who’s only out of the field b/c he’s now blind, but I love that it’s played off as such a secondary trait. Like he’s him first, not “the blind guy” though he totally plays it up sometimes (like when he’s hitting on people - he’s kind of a Casanova).

Thou Shalt NOT (Service Dog Edition)


1. Under any circumstance PET MY DOG without asking

2. Don’t get angry at me if I snap/yell at you for petting my dog without permission

3. Ask me what my PTSD is from (she has a PTSD patch on her vest)

4. Ask me if I really have a disability

5. Act like I’m faking that she’s a Service Dog so that I can take her places with me; trust me she’d be happier at home with a bone

6. Let your kid charge my dog. SERIOUSLY you shouldn’t let your kid run up to ANY dogs, but my dog is fucking WORKING and doesn’t need the stress

7. Charge my dog yourself. Yes adults do this all the time especially when we’re at coffee shops or bars. They run right up to her and wonder why she gets a bit flustered.

8. Grill me about why I need a Service Dog.  I do and the ADA strictly mandates what I’m required to tell you so if I keep repeating myself stop getting angry at me.

9. Ask me if my SD is in training/is somebody else’s dog. Seriously she’s 4 fucking years old and is far past being a puppy which is when SD’s get trained.  I didn’t steal her from someone she is my dog.


Any QUestions?

bringing this around again b/c of a post i just saw.


heads up! the tumblrpro button links to a video and there are some mild flashing lights in the background in one of scenes! 

yeah again tumblr doesn’t understand that people with disabilities exist.


Things I’d like to see more of in media

characters wearing medical alert bracelets

characters taking medication with their meals

characters mentioning that they have a therapy appointment

characters with reminders to eat in their phones/calendars/planners

characters using stim toys

characters asking if an event is accessible

characters using noise cancelling headphones

characters who are disabled all the time, not just when the plot “calls for it”

characters who are disabled all the time, not just when the plot “calls for it”


This has yet to happen to me, but I know that it will. Because it HAS to. Because EVERY DAMN DAY people look at Sadie and then look at me and go “is she in training?” “You don’t look disabled?” “Well what do you have?” “They make service dogs for [ptsd] now?” Also cue the strange and bizarre looks I usually get because I dare to be out in the community *gasp* working or shopping or, you know, doing normal things.

And to make matters worse my PTSD dog is, like the dog in the link, an American Pit Bull Terrier. To those who don’t buy into media bullshit you know that these dogs are nothing but love, kisses, and loyalty, but to others it just makes people think that my dog cannot be a service dog. This is utter bullshit. There are no “specific breeds” for service dogs. I got my dog to have a dog. She just alerted me to a flashback and wouldn’t stop pounding on my chest until I locked eyes with her, thereby grounding myself in the present. So we trained her to be the perfect SD she is today,



And one day, it’ll happen to me. Because I’m not blind. Because I have PTSD. Because I don’t look disabled.


Because I’m sick of this shit.



Fun Fact: Just because someone has a wheelchair, doesn’t mean they can’t walk. A lot of people benefit from a wheelchair because they can’t balance well or it is too painful to walk. So if you see a person briefly stand out of their wheelchair, or take a few steps, or even if you see them with a wheelchair sometimes but not always, it doesn’t mean they’re faking, and you shouldn’t call them out on it.



And if you DARE either a. take a photo to mock them later or b. share/laugh at that photo, you FUCKING SUCK. Yes there’s a picture like this and yes I see friends sharing it and laughing and I get pissed. ;P


This is basically a post for people who think that the world is accessible for those who are disabled, although this is centred around those who use a wheelchair. 

And this doesn’t include when people park in disabled spaces without a badge, or question those who park in disabled spaces who don’t use a chair.

The first picture is of a disabled parking space, where the snow has been pushed into that space whilst people were clearing the car park. This also happens when snow ploughers push the snow to the side of the road and onto the pavement as it blocks the dipped down pavement where wheelchair users can get on/off of the pavement and most wheelchairs struggle to be able to push through the snow.

The second picture is of a lift/elevator in Boots a store in the UK, where there are baskets and cases in front of the lift, which block wheelchair users from using it and accessing other levels in the store.

The third picture is of a zebra crossing with a lowered pavement for wheelchair users, and there is an island in the middle with a normal height curb, which blocks wheelchair users, and it means they have to go around, along with having bollards near the entrance which don’t look wide enough to fit a wheelchair through.

The fourth picture is that of a ramp, which has a step in order to get onto the ramp. (I’m pretty sure they didn’t even try.)

The fifth picture is of a ramp with a tree in the middle, which doesn’t have enough room on either side for a wheelchair to get through.

The sixth picture is of a very very steep ramp, which even if you have someone pushing your chair you probably won’t be able to get up it!

The seventh picture is of a disabled parking space, which has a ramp leading to the entrance, which again has steps in order to access the ramp.

The eighth picture is of ‘disabled parking’, where non of the spaces have room to allow chairs to get out of the car, except at the back. They are just normal spaces where a blue sign has been placed in an attempt to make the parking ‘wheelchair accessible’.

The ninth picture is of a reception desk which is too high for wheelchair users to access, as they can’t be seen, due to the fact that they are smaller than the desk.

The final picture is of a ramp which only goes halfway up the curb, essentially meaning there is a step at the top of the ramp.

If anybody still thinks the world isn’t staked against those who are disabled, then I honestly worry about you.