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This week is part 1/?? of the Best Canadian Songs of 2013. Currently on Shad “Stylin’”

TONIGHT on KNDS 96.3 from 9PM to midnight CT I will be airing a battle between Motown vs. Stax vs. Atlantic Records. Listen online at Radioflag: or from the KNDS site

It’s called The Kitchen Sink, as in “We’re throwing everything in including the kitchen sink!”  Listener driven radio at it’s finest. Dating back from the ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax and the Smithsonian files to current up and coming artists. From Delhi to London, Canada to Argentina, I play anything from anywhere (as long as it’s not current top 100). Each set is handcrafted around your requests. Find me on @Burrow to make requests as well as on Facebook at KNDS: The Kitchen Sink Sound Studio. 

I’ve got 3 sets requested so far: NeoSoul, Quebécois Pop, and Peace songs.  You can also listen live on on the KNDS page.  Flag me your requests there @Burrow.


Fucking programming director forgot the fact that I’m an NDSU student and gave half my show away. 4 emails later he better give it back or someone’s head is going to roll! PLEAS (station/work/public email not personal) and tell him to keep the first hour of my show! Please include your location in your email!

My fucking program director from KNDS overlooked (possibly forgot) the email that the community radio director (we have two an NDSU dir. and a Radio Free Fargo dir.) that I’m an NDSU student and scheduled someone during the first hour of my show. THIS IS BULLSHIT. I have a following from all over the country during my show and running an hour, or even an hour later won’t cut it. (Til 1 am means I lose the East Coast listeners for the last hour.) I’ve sent him 4 emails, the last one stating:

Furthermore as An NDSU student whose time was scheduled on a Tuesday I think it is unfair to have my slot moved as Randy said he would point this out to you in the email and my slot would be secure because I am a student. I think it is unfair that you changed my time and that it be kept because I am a student and have cultivated an audience at that tie slot having been at it already and having not notified me of any changes beforehand. Also, if you note, I am sending this from my NDSU account. I am a first year grad student in the physics department.

Yeah anxiety.  Whoop whoop.  Oh well can’t take ‘em back now, but an email would go a long way in helping me out!

Canadian tunes for your listening pleasure


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54/40 or Bust RETURNS!  Now that I got all the kinks worked out I will be playing ALL MATTER OF CANADIAN TUNES DIRECT TO YOUR EARS!

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