Please Tell Certain People To Shut Up


I’m fucking tired of seeing jokes made about Bipolar disorder. “I hate having Bipolar disorder, its so awesome!” Seriously? That’s not what being Bipolar is. Just because you’re happy one second and sad the next doesn’t give you the right to say things like “omgeee! I’m so Bipolar!” You wouldn’t be saying that shit if you had it. I have Bipolar disorder and its a fucking nightmare. Being so depressed you’re on the verge of ending it when you bounce right up and get your hopes high. But then in a few weeks, or days, or months, you get slammed back down again. And also getting your hopes up, thinking you’re cured, when its really just hypomania. Do you even fucking know what mania is? Just please, PLEASE, at least TRY to learn a few facts about it before you tell the whole fucking world how “Bipolar” you are. It doesn’t mean you fucking change your mind a lot. It doesn’t mean you’re moody. It doesn’t mean you cry at happy things. Its a fucking chemical imbalance and people with it have a hard enough fucking time without trying to ignore shitheads like people who make shithead comments.

Bipolar Disorder resources master post


Here’s a master post for information and resources on the topic of Bipolar Disorder


Keep referring to the weather as bipolar.


Just dont be surprised if I haul off and slap the fire shit out of you. If you are my friend that means you know me. You should know I find that offensive.

Although I can see the feebleminded rationale, I do not take kindly to the poor use of a mental disorder as an adjective for the fucking temperature outside.

Please, continue with your desensitizing of such disorders and helping perpetuate some of the stigma behind them.

Fuckin’ jabroni.


"I think everyone’s a little Bipolar."


This phrase irks me to no end.  People call the weather bipolar if it rains and then stops suddenly.  People assume Bipolar Disorder is up, down, up, down, all within seconds.

And I’m sorry, but even if you have rapid cycling Bipolar, it usually doesn’t go that fast.

So what they really mean is that everyone experiences some aspects, very mild aspects, of symptoms of changes in mood.  People can be sad, then laugh in the same day.  That does not make them Bipolar, that makes them human.

Individuals with Bipolar Disorder, no matter which type, suffer from severe mood cycling.  Severe highs and lows.  Did I mention severe?  Sometimes an episode can last a year.  Same with mania.  Do I really need to go on?

For some people, mania can evolve into full-blown psychosis.

A lot of the time, individuals in a depressive episode can barely get out of bed, and it takes too much energy to get in the shower, brush your teeth, tie shoes, or put makeup on, let alone leave the house or do anything.  Those are just some examples.

So please, tell me more about your ignorant opinion about how “everyone’s a little Bipolar”.  What you mean is that everyone has ups and downs.  But there is a difference between everyday mild vicissitudes and the severity of an actual illness.

So now I’m in a mixed manic state

and I was on the radio avoiding my house for 6.5 hours.  I almost broke down on the way home (Sadie needed to eat) and my way of avoiding the cops is apparently driving 5 under the speed limit. (I was on automatic when I came out of the almost crying binge.)  Now I’m home and lonely and I fucking want to crawl into a ball and die but I’d much rather be distracted but no one’s on healthful chat wanting to talk bipolar stuff.  FUCK.

You wanna know what I love?

I love it when I correct someone when they use the term bipolar derogatorily and they say ok, sorry didn’t know, and we’re both cool with what just happened and then someone jumps in and goes “Jesus christ Burrow I’m bipolar and I don’t care. Calm the fuck down.”  Yeah well, FUCK YOU TOO.  You don’t care about people using ableist language, fine, but SOME OF US DO.  Just to add to the list of language I don’t abide: racist, sexist, homophobic, classist, etc.