Dear Marvel,



Hi. Today, I encountered a couple of things re: your giant media empire that kind of pissed me off. And this is Tumblr, so yea verily, I shall talk about them.

1) I was at Target this morning (buying Frozen. OMG YAY FROZEN) and I ended up next to the entire endcap dedicated to Captain America 2 toys. I am SUPER EXCITE about Cap2. But I noticed something about that display. There were a lot of different toys represented there. A lot of characters (including Red Skull, who I kind of thought was Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Film) But not a single solitary Natasha Romanov/Black Widow toy, or even a space where that toy could be. Earlier this week, dcwomenkickingass mentioned that they’re making a lot fewer Black Widow toys than any of the other main characters in the film. Black Widow toys are basically “collector’s items”, which means that a) a lot of people aren’t going to get them and b) they’re not really toys because they have value. So I want to make something clear. I WANT NATASHA TOYS. I want stupid crappy quality action figures. I want Widow gauntlets. I want legos. I want plushies. I want themed toy cars and pullback zappy racing bikes and fucking KITES. I want ALL the Natasha toys. (I also want a Hawkeye Funko Pop figure, so my Black Widow has someone to play with)

2) In “Marvel’s Assembling a Universe” this evening, they showed a bunch of behind the scenes footage of a lot of characters. But the only Black Widow behind the scenes footage was of Jon Favreau being really excited about how much weight Scarlett Johansson lost for Iron Man 2. Really? That’s all you’ve got? Not the stunt training? Not goofing off with her co-workers? It’s about her weight. That’s really disappointing.

3) I have a lot of respect for the MCU. Y’all are turning out some high quality product. The Avengersin particular, is high on my list of favourite movies ever. One of the things I love most about your movies is that they’re FUNNY. I like the humour. I like the playfulness and the snark. So when Joss says that Age of Ultron is going to be a “more grownup, scarier Avengers movie”, that’s kind of a warning flag for me. I don’t want a darker scarier superhero movie. That’s what DC does and there are reasons I don’t go see their movies. I want the fun. I want the goofiness. I want the sass. 
       3a) When you talk about the Avengers’ changing roster, I hear you saying that you’re going to discard some characters. That concerns me, because my two favourite characters are the ones who don’t have their own franchises. Please please please keep Black Widow and Hawkeye. 
      3b) You could also give Black Widow and Hawkeye a movie. You go on about how “superhero movie” isn’t a genre, how about if you do a spy buddy movie? Tasha and Clint also have the advantage of a pair of successful and current solo comics. And a pair of super talented actors with amazing chemistry and a good working relationship. So… do that.

In conclusion, I love so much that you do, Marvel. But you’re fucking up my enjoyment in some really obvious ways. So could you get on that?

As an addendum to the original poster’s excellent points: when I say there need to be more female characters, what I mean is not “bring in one new girl, but bring in a boy with more easily screen-adaptable powers at the same time, thus guaranteeing she’s little more than a cameo.”

Give me Janet Van Dyne, who NAMED THE TEAM in 616 continuity.  Give me She-Hulk, give me Tigra, give me Jennifer Jones.  Give me Captain Marvel, Elsa Bloodstone, Spectrum, Misty Knight.  Give me GIRLS.  Give me a gender balance that even remotely fits your audience.

And I DON’T WANT A Hawkeye and Black Widow movie I want a BLACK WIDOW MOVIE.

Thank you.


the only thing that pisses me off about guardians is that a raccoon and a tree will get more screen time than sif

ugh this is so true.

i’m going to go break things now.

ON WEDNESDAY, Marvel Comics will debut its relaunch of Ms. Marvel — in which she’s introduced as a Muslim American teenager from Jersey City — as part of a broader women’s initiative that the publisher is calling “Characters and Creators.”

With tomorrow’s debut of Kamala Khan, Marvel Comics seeks a greater diversity of readers. As part of the initiative, Black Widow, Elektra and She-Hulk will be spotlighted in their own books, and X-Men and Captain Marvel will see a new emphasis on women.

Even as Ms. Marvel takes a big step forward for diversity in comics, the “Characters and Creators” initiative has broader implications, as it aims to speak directly to an audience that long was not the target for superhero comic books in America: women and girls.

Axel Alonso, Marvel’s editor-in-chief, tells Comic Riffs that the stars of these new books “are not the big-breasted, scantily clad women that perhaps have become the comic-book cliché. They are women with rich interior lives, interesting careers and complicated families who are defined by many things—least of all their looks.”

Sabaa Tahir, Washington Post: Comic Riffs (via fuckyeahblackwidow)


Loving the MCU as a stand alone that is different from the comics can be really hard.



Like, I love the MCU Bucky/Steve relationship, which is nothing like the comics in most respects, but then they do shit like make Scott Lang Ant Man in a movie about Ultron that includes Hank Pym, but Hank is suddenly old and Janet is his daughter and not his wife.

I respect that from the beginning the MCU never set out to be pure comics adaptations, but some of the things they’re doing make my head spin.

So just look at it this way:

MCU is just fanfiction.

Beautiful, huge, expensive fanfiction.

its helped me sleep at night

*repeats the above over and over*

*repeats the above over and over*

Still wants to throw things at Thor 2.



Just in case you missed this on twitter yesterday. Marvel and Star Wars are at it!

Hey, do you know any place where people can rage-ly protest/ ask about the Black Widow Movie? ´Cause I can´t see the future Marvel problems without getting pissed that none of them is about Black Widow (or any other superheroine).



Well, there’s the MCU equivalent of this blog, and then someone awesome asked Joe Quesada where her Black Widow movie was at NYCC.  So I definitely recommend people keep doing that.  But maybe we need a special tumblr project just collecting all the fan desire I see here in one place.

There’s also this petition for a Marvel superheroine movie that stands at a whopping 60 signatures. 

When asked about it Kevin Feige said, “it depends on your definition of “soon.” we’ve already announced the movies through the end of 2015, so it certainly won’t be before that, but we’re actively working on it, and every country we go into, people ask us about it. so that means it’s a good thing, it means the fans are asking for it, which just makes it easier for us to get approvals and the green light to go forward and actually make one.

Kevin Feige has been very involved in the promotional tours for the Marvel films, and a lot of the interviews he’s done have been centered around fan-submitted questions, often from twitter. With promo for Cap 2 just around the corner, there should be quite a few opportunities to question Marvel about our Black Widow movie.

Bug ‘em ‘til they make one, basically.